Eva, born 5/17/15 is a beautiful girl with
odd eyes (1 blue, 1 copper). She is a ESH,
CFA reg and she is Champion sired. We
are downsizing and have several others
for sale below.

$1310 for pet/breeder/show
See her her beautiful sister below! Also her daughter
"Starla" is below.
SOLD to Samantha
This is Eva's beautiful Sister!
Zsa Zsa...Champion Sired & she has been
bred to Cowboy & will be for sale after
her babies are weaned!
she is a real beauty & she is show quality.
She is a CFA reg Exotic Shorthair  & she is a real
attention getter. She has large copper eyes with a nice
shaped body. . See her beautiful sister above!
This is Dolly Le Francis
and she was born 5/21/16, she is so gorgeous. She is
Champion Sired, has the very large copper eyes, flat
face, tiny nose, short ears & is sovery friendly
whichshe should pass to her babies.
She could be bred.
$1500 FULL cfa reg
This is Sassy's gorgeous CFA reg, ESH male
with a flat face, tiny short nose with very large
eyes, we are keeping him for breeding! He has
lots of color in his pedigree so the babies he
produces should be outstanding. We will
choose a name for him as he gets older!
cfa reg exotic shorthair white cats
exotic shorthair cat breeder
exotic shorthair with flat face
cfa reg exotic shorthair kittens with small noses
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exotic shorthair white kittens
ecotic shorthair kittens with large eyes
cfa registered ecotic shorthair cats with champion lines
available exotic shorthair kittens
DEPOSIT TAKEN from Michelle!
This is Jasmine, SHE IS FOR SALE!
Borne 5/21/2016, she is a Champion Sired ESH, CFA
reg female and very pretty. This little girl has very
large eyes, flat face, tiny nose, short ears & is  
friendly to us & her cat friends. Jasmin had 1 litter
of 5 kittens for us and 2 are available.

$1310 for pet/breeder show
This is "SASSY", she is a CFA reg, ESH Champion Sired female. She has been bred to our
red male and will have babies the 1st week in November. This gorgeous girl has lots of color
in her pedigree and the red papa has a calaco mom.
exotic shorthair calaco cats for sale
This is Starla, she has 3 new babies with lots of color!

She is so gorgeous & she has the very large copper
eyes, flat face, tiny nose, short ears & is very friendly
& loving.
She has been bred to our red male and will
have more beautiful babies the 3rd week in
Novmember, 2017.
exotic shorthair kittens for sale in new mexico
SOLD TO Jacob!\
This is Deanna!
She is a gorgeous ESH, CFA reg female and
she has 1 of her kittens for sale on the kitten
page. She has the little flat face, tiny short
nose, short ears and she is
friendly to us & her cat friends.
available stud exotic shorthair cats
This is our red male with the large eyes, flat face,
short ears. He has bred 2 of our beautiful female that
should have babies in November 2017.
This is "Tara", she is a ESH, CFA reg, Champion sired and has been bred to Cowboy!
Both of her parents are Champions and she is gorgeous with the large round eyes, flat face, tiny nose, short
ears and she is so very loving and very smart. This baby girl has stolen my heart! Her papa is a
whte/red and a champion.
exotic shorthair cats with champio bloodline
champion sired exotic shorthair kittens
exotic shorthair breeding females for sale
very small nose, tiny ears & he is a
breeding machine. The little guy is from
a Ziakatz male. He has a red mama and a
cream color papa so calico.