Health Contract and Guarantee
 Date: __________________

 Buyers age:___________________
 Kitten Color:_____________

 Sex:  M   F
 Sold as:Pet, breeder
 Breeding Sire: _____________________
 Breeding Dam: _______________________
 Price _____________

 Terms of Sale:
 By signing this Contract, Buyer and Breeder agree to the following conditions:

 1. Kitten is healthy to the best of the breeder’s knowledge, has had all of the age appropriate vaccinations and wormings
and is free of all internal and external par asites at the time of the sale.
2. Breeder will provide a pet record listing all vaccinations,
wormings and treatments.
 3. The breeder guarantees for 6 months that if a fatal defect occurs as a result of a genetic or congenital defect the breeder
 will replace the kitten less shipping and veterinary expenses. However a histopathology/necropsy report (at buyer’s expense)
 from a license d, board certified veterinarian is required outlining the cause of death.
4. Viral diseases such as Feline Infectious Peritonitis, FIP, parasites or bacterial infections are  not covered by
this health guarantee.
5. Breeder does not warranty the cat/kitten from any adverse reactions against future vaccinations or any other procedures/surgery
 performed on the cat/kitten including spay/neuter.
6. Most of our cats/kittenswill be registered with CFA
7. We do not guarantee breeding ability only God can do that. All kittens/cats will have a limited cfa reg if no agreement has
 been made before shipping.


1. These cats/kittens are strictly indoor cats. DO NOT ever expose to unknown outdoor cats/animals.Allowing your kitten outdoors
where it may be exposed to diseases, fleas, ticks and  parasites voids the health guarantee.
2. Buyer is totally responsible for ALL veterinary expense incurred after acquiring kitten(s)/cats.
3. Buyer will ensure that the kitten/cat has the recommended routine vaccinations and wormings to maintain the health of the animal.
4. Kittens should only be vaccinated with “killed virus” or “modified live-virus” vaccines and NOT “LIVE VIRUS” VACCINES or
contract will be void.
5. If purchased as a pet Buyer agrees to have the kitten spayed/neutered between 5 and 6 months if purchased as a pet.  If surger y is
  done sooner the 5th month guarantee will be revoked. Written proof of the neuter/spay from your vet is required if you
 want the cfa registration papers for yourkitten(s).
6. Buyer will be responsible for allergies, landlord issues, house training. behavior and Safety for your cat/kitten.
 8. Contract/health guarantee is void if kitten/cat has been sold orgiven away.

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