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Hello Lorane,

I wanted you to know that Dolly is soooo loving.  Just climbs all over me..purring
incessantly, so relaxed, just the most amazing cat EVER!  Even my husband loves her! She
is like an affectionate dog. Just love her to pieces! She sleeps with me on my bed and just
purrs the night away! What a snuggle cat! Follows me around like a dog!  We just love her.
She is all over the place, jumping, playing and were fawning over her like she is the little
princes...and she is!    LOVE her sweet personality!  She is the sweetest ever!   

Thank you so much for her. We are very pleased with her, could not be more happy over
her personality!  Can you receive photos on your cell phone? I will send photos and keep
you updated if you can!

Again, thanks for her. We just adore her!


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